Caleb Tankersley is a writer, teacher, and freelancer. Currently, he is the Full Length Editor for Split Lip Press. During the 2016-2017 academic year, he taught creative writing at Mississippi School of the Arts. In 2016 he received his PhD in English and Creative Writing from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi. He has experience teaching creative writing, literature, and composition courses at various colleges. Caleb has been on staff at a number of literary presses and at the magazines Cape Rock, Big Muddy, Memorious, and Mississippi Review, where he spent two years as Associate Editor. His stories, poems, essays, and book reviews have appeared in a wide variety of publications, print and online, high-brow and low. In 2017 his story “Dean” was selected by Adam Johnson as winner of the Wabash Prize in Fiction. His chapbook Jesus Works the Night Shift was published by Urban Farmhouse Press.

Caleb earned a BA and MA in English from Southeast Missouri State, with a stint as a Kansas City crêpe chef between. In 2008, Caleb and a small group traveled the world, tasked with studying the UN Millennium Development Goals. He worked in parts of Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Romania, and Uganda.

In his free time Caleb watches documentaries, bakes, plays relaxing computer games,  writes constantly, and reads as much as possible. He is currently traveling Europe with his partner, Richie Bernardo. You can find Caleb on twitter as @midwestpenance.