Promos, Virtual Reading, and Arriving Books!

A few quick updates on writings and events:

I wrote a Writer’s Recommend entry for The Next Best Book Blog on a writer I highly recommend. I, of course, chose my all-time favorite, Louise Erdrich.

I also wrote an entry for Necessary Fiction’s Research Notes on how I initially developed the story “Swamp Creatures” from notes on my phone.

I’ll be reading and talking about books and writing with the excellent writer Sequoia Nagamatsu on Friday, March 4 at 6:00 PST/8:00 CST. We’re lucky that the reading will be hosted by the coolest little bookstore in Seattle, Elliott Bay Book Company. You can sign up for the virtual reading here.

My books arrived! It was such a lovely and surreal experience to hold them in my hands!

More to come soon.

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