Summer Conferences, Festivals, and Workshops

Hello! This still feels like a funny way to let readers know what I’m up to but I’m grateful to anyone wandering the internet who stumbles onto my book/site. Here are some recent and upcoming events:

“Ghosts on TV” was featured on the Season 3 debut of Short Stack Stories. Liv and Jackie do such a professional job presenting authors’ works. It’s so fun to hear stories read by actors. Go give this story (and their many others) a listen.

I recently recorded a fun podcast episode for Book Club with Julia & Victoria! I appreciated the deep-dive discussion into Sin Eaters, especially character psychologies, religious influences, and writing process. Give the podcast a listen, especially if you love long-form conversations where artists sometimes chat about the art and sometimes about which Oreo variety is best.

This week is the Greensboro Bound Literary Festival! On Saturday, May 20 I’ll be on a panel called “Suspended Disbelief: The Lure of Magical Realism” with Glenn Taylor. Glenn’s new book The Songs of Betty Baach is absolutely stunning! If you’re at the festival or near Greensboro, please come talk with us about weird fiction.

Work on the novel continues! (I discuss this a bit in the Book Club podcast). And to make sure it doesn’t stall, I’m attending a number of summer writing venues. After Greensboro, my next stop will be Portland for the Tin House Summer Workshop! I’ll work with the great Kristen Arnett on trying to pull this novel together. If you happen to be going, feel free to reach out to me!.

Finally, in August I’ll have the great fortune to be a Fiction Fellow at the 2023 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference! I’m honored to be awarded a fellowship, excited to help younger writers with their projects, and eager to learn from some craft masters myself.

The summer is packed with events and writing, and there’s more on the way, including some publications. Check back in this space for more info. In the meantime, I really should be writing. Right after I finish this package of dark chocolate Oreo Thins.

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